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About Us

RMSS was started in 2006 in Phoenix, Arizona; it was formed to bring together a unique combination of machining excellence with business acumen. Our founding team combines more than 30 years of machining experience with trained business professionals. This provides the foundation where we are able to exceed our customers needs for high quality machined parts while delivering the level of professionalism you would expect when dealing with a large company.

Our Core Values

Customer Focus

We give special attention to the unique needs and expectations of each one of our customers.


We embrace learning. Through an ongoing process of questioning and seeking answers we successfully implement new creative solutions.

Team Work

As we grow, we grow by working together and sharing knowledge with each other. We are supportive and inclusive of all our team members and recognize the value that each of them brings to the group.


We embrace the latest technology. Our continual implementation of new technology benefits all.


We have an unwavering commitment to producing a product that both meets and exceeds the quality expectations of our customers.

Personal Responsibility

The actions and decisions of each team member make a difference; they impact the perception of the ethics and integrity of our entire group. Each team member understands these implications and takes on their responsibility.

Social Responsibility

Our business impacts the environment and the communities we work with in. We are conscientious of these impacts and our responsibility to have a positive impact.